This update addresses a number of issues, with the major one being revised mathematics for the diary graphs. Please take a look at your graphs after the update and let me know of any issues - they should be more accurate now and also a bit faster (going from entry to entry in diary should be faster a little bit).

The new and enhanced features include:

  • New: Allow setting first day in calendar in the Diary pane
  • Fixed: Speed up selecting diary entries
  • Fixed: Hitting the Enter key opens up entry for editing in Contacts and Tasks
  • Fixed: Some regional settings would not allow to enter decimal points in various places
  • Fixed: Unneeded save prompt could come up in Diary, Notes and Recipe editors
  • Fixed: Saving a child entry in Notes would sometimes fail
  • Fixed: The Lost Password button could write out an unencrypted password in some cases
  • Fixed: Some Asian characters were not pasted correctly into the editor when copying a web page
  • Fixed: Negative scale would appear on the graph eventhough no Life Factors have negative values
  • Fixed: Values larger than 3 would sometimes be cut-off the graph
  • Fixed: Entries with attachments would apprear multiple times in the lists
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

I'd like to again remind you that before upgrading it's recommended to make a backup of your current diary file.

Please download from