This update is mainly to fix some bugs and productivity issues that have come up:

  • New: Allow reordering of Schedule categories
  • New: Added an option in the Reminders dialog to mark dismissed items as complete
  • New: Added a "serve" weight unit to nutrition in Diary to allow specifying 1 or more serves of a recipe
  • New: Added undo/redo functionality to Diary/Notes/Nutrition
  • New: Added a menu item to Tasks to create an item at the same hierarchy level as the currently selected one
  • New: When entering ingredients or recipes and you don't specify weight, now there's a warning to make sure that's what you intended
  • New: Added cut/copy/paste to the context menu in Diary/Notes/Nutrition
  • New: Added an option to turn on/off spell checking for the Nutrition
  • Fixed: Paragraph indenting would sometimes be wrong in Diary/Notes/Nutrition
  • Fixed: On some systems changing Life Factor properties would cause a crash
  • Fixed: Clicking on a Schedule item in Overview would not always properly select the item
  • Fixed: The password dialog would sometimes come up behind other windows - now it will also be shown in the taskbar, so you can always see and find it easily
  • Fixed: Not all columns in Nutrition were resizable
  • Fixed: When applying a hyperlink over existing text it wouldn't color/underline it automatically
  • Fixed: On some systems marking the last Task item in list as Completed could cause a crash
  • Fixed: Going from title to category in the Diary/Notes/Nutrition using your tab key reqiured 2 key strokes
  • Fixed: Using "Save and New" in Notes creates the new note at the same hierarchy level as the current one
  • Fixed: Category was not set properly in Notes
  • Fixed: On some systems the monthly view in Schedule would fail to print
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

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