I am happy to announce that a new version of Smart Diary Suite is available for download!

Some of the fixes and changes include:

  • Added category to Notes
  • Added export of Contacts as VCF files
  • Allow changing default Schedule item length when creating a new one, which would override your selected timescale
  • Added a "Group by Category" menu item and toolbar button to all features, which is a shortcut for quickly grouping/ungrouping your items (same can be done via the RMB click on the lists' header)
  • Fixed a rare new Diary item crash with empty ingredients
  • Fixed a rare yearly recurrence issue
  • Fixed some issues with minimizing the Free edition on start
  • There's now an option if you wish the Schedule to switch to one day mode when you click the calendar on the left or stay in the current mode (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Fixed an issue when Schedule notes were not sometimes loaded properly
  • Fixed a crash in the Free edition which would occur when you closed Options sometimes
  • Other minor fixes and changes

Please download from http://www.sdiary.com/download.php