I am happy to say that Smart Diary Suite is back on the regular release schedule after a few months' delay while I was working on KooRaRoo.

This update is mostly bug fixing and getting things back in shape. New features are going to start appearing soon.

The new and enhanced features include:

  • Fixed: Pressing the DEL key while in the text filter would incorrectly try to delete an entry.
  • Fixed: Copy and paste items in Schedule broken by 4.7.3 is fixed now again.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+A now works in all text fields in all data entry windows and dialogs.
  • Fixed: Switching between tabs in Contacts would lose entries unless they were saved.
  • Fixed: Collapsed and expanded categories now correctly remember their states when you add/edit entries.
  • Fixed: Task entries added with "Save and New" were being placed under a wrong parent item.
  • Fixed: Renaming an attachment would create duplicate attachment entries.
  • Fixed: Set focus on title when adding a new entry failed when adding an entry by double-clicking on the view.
  • Fixed: Cancelling the password dialog in privacy timeout mode doesn't clear the database anymore, but lets you retry.
  • Fixed: Task and Schedule entries in non-English language not exported and imported correctly. Also Due date in Tasks wasn't exported correctly.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

Please download from http://www.sdiary.com/download.php