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Thread: Medication: Column for showing finished.

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    Lightbulb Medication: Column for showing finished.

    I had to visit the ER yesterday and printed out all my medication for the ER Doctor. Unfortunately, it printed everything I have ever taken.

    Can a columned be added with, say:
    Long Term
    Short Term (Maybe add a finish date?)

    L = Long Term would be for
    Diltiazem for high blood pressure, Lyrica for chronic pain, etc.
    S = Short term would be antibiotics, pain medication after surgery, etc. Something we take and finish.
    F = Medication finished.

    When printing we would be able to select:
    A = All medication.
    C = Currently active medications.

    Actually that may even be an option for a view.

    Thank you.


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    Thank you for the suggestion - I'll add this in.
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