View Full Version : Smart Diary Suite 4.7.1 has been released!

28th November 2011, 07:08
This update brings a few new features and a bunch of fixes for the previous release. It's aimed at making data entry easier and more flexible and we'll continue working in this direction (your suggestions are, as always, welcome).

The new and enhanced features include:

New: There can now be multiple reminders, each with its own audio/visual cues. The reminders can be set on a per-entry basis. Please re-check your reminder settings after upgrading from a previous version.
New: Added an option to loop the reminder's audio until the popup window is closed.
New: Added an option to trigger the reminder right on the scheduled time (0 minutes).
New: An option to round up schedule times in predefined increments and buttons in the Schedule editor to advance time in those increments.
New: Undo in Schedule.
New: Clicking on "Go to Today" in Schedule will take you to the date you were previously on if you are on today already.
New: Reorganized the Options dialog to make "Default Entries" a node of its own for ease of modification. Some options were moved, so if you can't find in its old spot, look at other pages - it's there somewhere.
Fixed: When using "Save and New" with spell checking, a new editor is not open until all spell checking issues are fixed or dismissed.
Fixed: Certain international characters not displayed correctly in diary/notes/nutrition editors.
Fixed: Right-click on empty space in list views would show the menu in a wrong position.
Fixed: Spell checking ("spell as you type") would fail to start in certain circumstances.
Fixed: Entries not always correctly selected after adding a new entry (in any feature).
Fixed: "Send e-mail" and "Visit WWW site" not always working in Contacts.
Fixed: Background picture not displayed in diary/notes/nutrition editors sometimes.
Fixed: Toolbars not wrapping correctly in panes, causing buttons to become hidden.
Fixed: Some hyperlinks not working in editors.
Fixed: Long audio doesn't stop in reminders when the item is dismissed or a popup is closed.
Fixed: Sorting in lists should be case-insensitive.
Fixed: Creating an item in Month view (Schedule) would create it on the wrong date. Also creating one in Day view would not take selected into account sometimes.
Fixed: Hidden/auto-popup panes would not redraw properly.
Fixed: Voice recorder in Diary would gain too much microphone volume sometimes, causing background noise to be picked up.
Fixed: Gantt chart in Tasks not displaying many items properly.
Fixed: Overview not updated properly after resuming from sleep mode.
Other minor fixes and enhancements

I'd like to again remind you that before upgrading it's recommended to make a backup of your current diary file.

Please download from http://www.sdiary.com/download.php