View Full Version : Smart Diary Suite 4.7 has been released!

11th August 2011, 00:17
I'm happy to be able to release Smart Diary Suite v4.7 - it may have taken longer than anticipated, but hopefully you'll enjoy the results.

The new and enhanced features include:

New: Spell checking has been completely changed. It now supports most world languages and the dictionaries are free (for more information see this thread: http://forum.psunrise.com/showthread.php/830-Spell-checking-and-additional-dictionaries).
New: Turn on/off spell checking while you type and also optionally spell check entries when saving them.
New: Paragraph indent buttons are now also on the toolbar in all editors.
New: Set fonts and colors on the Tasks' Gantt chart.
New: Added an option to dynamically update entry titles.
New: Added an option to set the number of months in the Last Day of the Month recurrence.
New: Added a confirmation message when deleting series of schedule items.
New: A new "Delay to the Next Day" option in Schedule to quickly re-schedule items to one day in the future.
New: Added an option to have a default reminder for Schedule items.
New: Added an option to configure Schedule fonts for normal and all-day events to be normal, bold or italic.
New: Added an option to create all-day or current time events in Month View in Schedule.
Fixed: Wrapping of long text on Gantt charts in Tasks.
Fixed: Schedule time scale could be wrong in certain circumstances.
Fixed: Diary Graph legend could be cut-off when more than two rows were present.
Fixed: Creating a new Confidential category from within an entry could cause a crash.
Fixed: Crash when trying to search for certain text combinations.
Fixed: Note preview could contain text from a just deleted entry.
Fixed: Find in Tasks didn't find all text in certain conditions.
Fixed: Entering an empty recurrence in Schedule items could cause an error.
Fixed: In-place editing of Schedule items sometimes caused issues if the Schedule editor was also shown at the same time.
Fixed: Rearranged Schedule categories don't update in the main menu.
Fixed: Deleting a Schedule item while the Schedule editor was shown could cause an error.
Fixed: Clicking on a date in the Diary calendar should position the Diary entry consistently at the top of the list.
Fixed: After coming out of sleep or hibernation the Overview could display wrong data.
Fixed: The tray icon failed to be created in some circumstances when SDS was started on Windows start-up.
Fixed: Some scale numbers could be cut-off on the Diary graph.
Other minor fixes and enhancements

I'd like to again remind you that before upgrading it's recommended to make a backup of your current diary file.

Please download from http://www.sdiary.com/download.php